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Paint Tubes



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My classes cater for all levels of experience. 

From the first-time artists to more experienced artists.

Classes are small in numbers and big on personal attention.


Hands-on demonstrations and easy tips will improve your technique and help your confidence grow.

Class schedule:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Morning classes:  9-12 am. 

Afternoon classes:  2-5pm.


An A4 size picture is required of what you would like to paint.


A photograph on glossy paper shows more detail.  You can only paint what you can see.  The better the quality of your photograph, the easier you will be able to see the detail. 


options for art


Paint Tubes



I Supply

1.  If I supply everything -  R1 700 for 4 lessons.


You only have to bring a picture to class of what you want to paint.

I supply paints, canvas, turps, a cloth as well as any equipment you might need to complete your painting and  tea, coffee & biscuits.


 your own:

You bring

2.  If you supply your own art materials -

R 1 375 for 4 lessons.


If you supply your own materials, I will provide a chair, easel, cloth and clean turpentine and of course a cup of tea or coffee with biscuits. 


Anything else you might need, you have to bring with you.

if you would like to join us or get more info

Contact  me

Send me an e-mail to:


call or whatsapp me on Cell: +267 0714507667

Here are

some of my student's paintings they created this year:

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