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Watercolour on canvas.  50cm wide x 1m high x 3.5cm deep.   

This tongue in cheek painting was based on the collective noun for a flock on finches, namely a Charm of Finches. Finches are so truly African that this little gathering evoked a feeling of nostalgia and affinity in me. Everything about them is so familiar, harmless and charming that I couldn’t help but create a little story in my head, imagining their songlike conversation after a day of foraging and surviving in the Bushveld.


Delivery is included in the selling price to any major city centre in South Africa. ( Estimated delivery charge is around R600.) Any other destination will be calculated and added once the delivery address is given. This includes any town like Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloem, Kimberley, PE, East London, Cape Town, Durban etc. If you are situated in a very remote or very small town you will only have to pay the delivery in excess of R600. The first R600 is on me.  A precise quote will be given before you pay for the painting.


  • This product is unframed.  It's painted on a deep edge canvas that is 4.5 cm deep, so no framing required.  The sides of the canvas is painted white.  

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