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Watercolour on canvas.  80cm wide x 180m high x 4.5cm deep.   


Superficial achievement becomes less important as we meander along this journey we call life. In this painting, the colour yellow represents hope and the possibility of enlightenment as we learn from previous experiences.  Personal growth and insight becomes the jouney’s purpose, not the distance travelled.


Delivery is included in the selling price to any major city centre in South Africa. ( Estimated delivery charge is around R800.) Any other destination will be calculated and added once the delivery address is given. This includes any town like Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloem, Kimberley, PE, East London, Cape Town, Durban etc. If you are situated in a very remote or very small town you will only have to pay the delivery in excess of R800. The first R800 is on me.  A precise quote will be given before you pay for the painting.

The Journey

R9 900,00Price
  • This product is unframed.  It's painted on a deep edge canvas that is 4.5 cm deep, so no framing required.  The sides of the canvas is painted white.  

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