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Watercolour demo

this demo was aimed at you if:

This page will only be available until the end of July 2022.

- You attended the demo at the Little Art Shop in George and want to try it out.

- You’ve tried painting some watercolours but felt that it got away from you very quickly; 


- You’ve done a few paintings but feel that you lack some of the basic skills to paint with ease:

Finished tonal valaue.jpg

Effects inside shapes

Exercise 1:

In this exercise, you can practice making all kinds of watercolour effect inside the borders of a specific shape.  You can use any shape that takes your fancy.  I've used some tropical leaves as my shapes and here are my results:


I've prepared two shapes for you, so feel free to download these two templates by clicking on the button below if you would like to trace my two shapes to practice on.

Shapes landsc.jpg

Adding splatters

Exercise 2:

In this exercise, you can practice adding splatters to your watercolours.  Feel free to practice this technique on any shape that takes your fancy.  Leaves, flowers, any simple shape.

Seeing tonal values

Exercise 3:

In this exercise, you can practice painting darker and darker layers of paint to add many different tonal values to your picture.  A painting is more impactful if it has all the tonal values from very light to very dark.  The difference in light and dark is what gives the painting punch. 

This is what you're aiming for:

Finished tonal valaue.jpg

If you would like to copy my picture,  feel free to download the template so that you can trace the picture.  I chose shades of turquoise, blue and yellow but you can use any colour scheme that takes your fancy.

Tonal value  landsc.jpg

I have also done the same exercise with a different shape leaf and colour scheme.  Play around with colours and shapes and have fun!

Demo pic.jpg
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